Dresden the special way

Guided tours with Dr. Alexander Klein

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Dresden's Magic Mountain, steep narrow lanes and a blue wonder – Weisser Hirsch/Loschwitz

Art nouveau villas and the former sanatorium buildings characterise Weisser Hirsch, probably the most splendid of Dresden's suburbs. From the “Balcony of Dresden”, our tour leads down the “Plattleite”, an old winegrowers' lane. In idyllic Loschwitz, we then follow in the footsteps of Romantic painter Ludwig Richter and cross the so-called “Blue Wonder”, a steel bridge which has long since become a symbol of the city.

  • Meeting point: Tram stop "Plattleite" on line 11
  • Guide fee 80 € for 2 hours / Foreign language surcharge (English or French) 10 € / Surcharge for large groups (more than 30 persons) 10 €.
  • The walk down via the Plattleite is beautiful, but at the same time also steep and quite strenuous. The funicular railway to Loschwitz (tickets: standard 3 €, reduced rate 2 €) offers a comfortable alternative.
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