Dresden the special way

Guided tours with Dr. Alexander Klein

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Stone bell, Canaletto skyline and Balcony of Europe – Dresden Old City

The tour takes you through the very heart of historical Dresden and acquaints you with the essential architec-ture of the city, above all the Zwinger, Theaterplatz square, the former Royal Palace, the Cathedral, the Royal Mews, the Procession of Princes, Brühl Terrace and the Frauenkirche. But this tour is about more than just postcard idylls – it also holds many a surprising new perspective in store...


  • Meeting point: Equestrian statue on Theaterplatz
  • Guide fee 80 € for 2 hours / Foreign language surcharge (English or French) 10 €
  • Surcharge for large groups (more than 30 persons) 10 €.
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