Dresden the special way

Guided tours with Dr. Alexander Klein

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Yataghans, pusikans and a silk atlas sky –
the Turkish Chamber

The Turkish Chamber in the Dresden Castle (Residenzschloss) is a window that provides insights into two cultures: the Turkish and the Arab. The magnificent saddle cloths, the muskets decorated with mother of pearl, corals and gilt silver, and particularly the 16 m (52 ft) long, almost completely preserved 17th century “Kiowski” tent make it clear, why Ottoman handicraft inspired European courts until well into the 18th century.


  • Meeting point: Courtyard of the Residential Castle.

  • Guide fee 35 € for 1 hour, plus licence fee 20 € and admission (standard 10 €, reduced rate 7,50 €, groups from 9 persons: 9 € per person) / Foreign language surcharge (English or French) 10 €

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